02-03 June 2018


For centuries, brave gladiators have fought and died in the arena, for centuries the blood of the losers have covered the sand of the Colosseum and the glory of the winners echoed in history. This year, the tournament of the Capital is open and is waiting for those who have the valor to fight and try to win the prestigious Gladius.
Will you be brave enough to participate?


Artico - Norse


Conan - Human


Farina - Wood Elf


Roller - Amazon


Dreddolo - Amazon


Spartako - Wood Elf


Boar - Dwarf


Dirold - Dark Elf


Roller - Dwarf


Spartako - Human


Matos - Lizard


Beppe - Necromantic Undead


Yena - Dark Elf


The Tournament

  • Will be played a total of 6 matches, 4 on Saturday and the 2 on Sunday.
  • Changes to the roster are not allowed after the first game, so choose wisely!
  • Differences of TV do not generate surpluses to spend on inducement.
  • Necromantic and Undead teams may add to their roster a zombie for the rest of the current game,
  • which will be automatically fired after the match.
  • The teams Nurgle CAN'T add Rotter to their roster, either during or after the current game.
  • Will be used the Magic Healing, then all the casualties suffered during a game will be magically
  • cured for the next one.
  • The rule of the illegal procedure will not be applied.
  • The length of matches is fixed to 2.15 hours.
  • At the preset time, the rounds played will be matched, after which each player will have an extra turn. At the end of the additional turns the game is over.
  • The formulas used for the pair will be the following: For the first match, completely random.
  • From the second match to the sixth, "Swiss" Formula. No player will ever meet the same opponent in the tournament, in the case this will happen please report it to the organization.
  • If any situation will require the intervention of a referee please state this by raising a hand and calling, we are at your disposal to solve any kind of problem.


WON Match: 50 Points

DRAFT Match: 20 Points

LOST Match: 00 Points

ABANDONMENT of the match: -10 points

Additional points will be awarded under the following conditions:

At least 3 TD scored: +5 points

2 TD scored: +2 Points

Lost one TD waste : +5 points to the player who lose the match

2 or more than the opponent CAS *: +5 points

1 or more than the opponent CAS *: +2 Points

* NOTE : The only CAS considered valid are those generated by blocks.

Build a Team

All the team included in the CRP plus Slann, Underworld and Chaos Pact can be used.

Each player will have 1,100,000 GP for the purchase of players.

Any surplus in its treasury will be automatically lost.

Following is the table with the division of the team in Tiers.

The teams belonging to Tier 4 will have access to Star Player and inducements, but they need to satisfy these conditions:

  • The Star Player must be purchased using your cash.
  • To buy a Star Player must have purchased at least 11 players NOT Star Player on your team.
  • The Star Player can not acquire additional skills.
  • Card and Wizard are not allowed



Wood Elf, Undead, Skaven, Lizard, Dark Elf, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Bretonnia


Human, Orks, Norse, Elf, High Elf, Amazon, Necromantic


Chaos Warrior, Nurgle, Vampire, Slann, Underworld, Chaos Pact, Khemri, Khorne


Goblin, Ogres, Halfling

Additional Skills

Each player will have a total of SPP, according to his tier, which you can spend in purchasing skill for your players. Progression according to the rules.

Skills considered DOUBLE may only be assigned after the first advancement.

You can assign maximum 4 identical skills: eg. Block 4, 4 Guard but NOT 5 Block.

The total of the SPP is split over two days, assignments will be made before the first game and before the fourth game.

The SPP not assigned are lost and can not be used in the second phase of assignment.

Stat augmentation CAN'T be assigned.

SPP Table:

TIER 1 30 SPP - 18 SPP

TIER 2 36 SPP - 18 SPP

TIER 3 36 SPP - 24 SPP

TIER 4 36 SPP - 24 SPP


Agriturismo "Il Colle Delle Querce"


Some images from LAST year tournament.

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